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2022年8月26日 : Resist the rain
秋は何を食べようかと 食欲の秋 ですから
2021October 14 - : How are you all doing?
How are you all doing?
It will be the post after a long absence. We have heard the voice of patience from many suppliers and customers in the Corona disaster.
Vaccination is also progressing, and the therapeutic agent will also see information.
I think that the "ideal way" will change in the aftercorona, but I think that maruka shoji also handles and develops products and services in order to do so. However, I think that it should not be forgotten that the connection between people is important and working sincerely and working with sincerity leads to the next connection and good work. We will run through a new era with a sense of speed, so thank you for your continued love in the future. brevityMaruaka Shoji STAFF
2020November 10, 2010 : Cold protection measures

The cold is increasing, isn't it?
Everyone is
What measures are in place?😊

And your toes.
It hurts when it's cold, right?😭

For cold protection measures
Mitsuma's boots are in stock now.

And Mark.
It's simple and cool.❗

What's your color?
It will be red and navy blue.

As a cold-weather item from now on
Would you like to consider it?😊
2020年10月29日 : On-board lights

Visible from the store
The mountain has been colored in autumn.🍂🍁🌾

It's autumnal leaves season, isn't😊
10And the moon.
It's just a little bit more.

From Fuji Light Bulb
A new onboard light has appeared😊

Variations are also 4 types
It is said that it can be combined freely.

2020October 20 - : Hello
It's sunny in autumn.
It feels good.🍁

12On the moon
The fair will be held.😊

It's cool.
It is full of power tools.

Because there is a detail
If you are interested, please call us.😌

For visitors
Makita Original Stickers
It is said that you can🤫❤