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2020November 10, 2008 : Cold protection measures

The cold is increasing, isn't it?
Everyone is
What measures are in place?😊

And your toes.
It hurts when it's cold, right?😭

For cold protection measures
Mitsuma's boots are in stock now.

And Mark.
It's simple and cool.❗

What's your color?
It will be red and navy blue.

As a cold-weather item from now on
Would you like to consider it?😊
2020October 29, 2008 : On-board lights

Visible from the store
The mountain has been colored in autumn.🍂🍁🌾

It's autumnal leaves season, isn't😊
10And the moon.
It's just a little bit more.

From Fuji Light Bulb
A new onboard light has appeared😊

Variations are also 4 types
It is said that it can be combined freely.

2020October 20, 2010 : Hello
It's sunny in autumn.
It feels good.🍁

12On the moon
The fair will be held.😊

It's cool.
It is full of power tools.

Because there is a detail
If you are interested, please call us.😌

For visitors
Makita Original Stickers
It is said that you can🤫❤
2020September 26. : Maruda Sales News
It's raining and stopping.
It's getting chilly.
I want to take care of my physical condition.

It is an announcement of Maruda sales news.

This is the time of the year.
Alcohol and masks,
It's a necessity, isn't it?

We also received an inquiry immediately.
If there is a product to be worried about
Please contact us by all means.

Today too
I wish you a happy day!

Who's your job?
Let's do our best in the afternoon.(*≧▽≦)
2020年9月14日 : Would you believe it!
It's cool today, isn't it?

Because it is the turn of the season
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you don't get sick.
Please be careful.🍁

Merce payment
d Payable now😊